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On this page you will find many Songs and Melodies that the Lord has given Dulce to share for worship and edification. Might we
suggest that you select one booklet, and then open a new browser window and select the title of that booklet in the words directly above
the booklet icon. Then you can read the words in the first window while you select and play the recorded songs from the second window.
Dulce was a teacher and a field librarian so in each booklet songs are listed in alphabetical order the same as in the list of recordings.

God Given Songs and Melodies by Dulce

God Given Songs
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God Given Medodies
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  Scripture Songs  




All Glory to the Father
And I Love Him
Beautful are the Creations of God
Blessed Be Your Holy Name (1980)
Each Day is a New Day with Christ
Feed Me with Your Word, Lord Father
Forgive Me,Lord
Give Me a Song
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! 2
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Have Your Way in My Life, Oh Lord

I Know God Is Guiding My Steps
I Know I_m Saved
I Leave In Your Hands My Destiny Oh, Lord
I Praise the Name of God
I See Jesus
I Should Never Never Worry At All 2
I Want to Live in Heaven with Jesus
I Will Sing to the Lord 2
I'm Expecting a Miracle From God
I'm Praising the Lord!
I'm Proud to Tell That Jesus Loves You
In Your Presence, Lord
It's Great to be Alive
I've Given You Songs to Sing

Jesus ,I love You

Let Your Desire Be My Desire
Lift Jesus Higher
Make Me a Blessing
Miracle, Expect a Mracle
We ExaOur God

, Glory, Glory, Glory
O, Lord, I Love You Is Great

Praise You, Father
Precious Jesus
The Lord Hears





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Proverbs 14:1 24

Proverbs 15:1-2 28

Proverbs 15:3 21

Proverbs 15:7 21

Proverbs 15:13 19

Proverbs 15:30 19

Proverbs 16:9;

Psalm 37:23 21

Proverbs 16:24 19

Proverbs 16:32 19

Proverbs 20:27 9

Proverbs 20:29 10

Proverbs 22:29 3

Proverbs 27:1 25

Proverbs 29:11 23

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Proverbs 29:18 24

Proverbs 31:30-31 11

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m 73:1 1

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Psalm 74:12 1

Psalm 75:6-7 2

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Psalm 79:6 2

Psalm 79:9 3

Psalm 80:18b-19 17

Psalm 81:16 10

Psalm 84:1-2 14

Psalm 86:11-12 8

Psalm 91:5,7,8,9,10,11 16

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Psalm 109:30-31 8

Psalm 111:7-10 20

Psalm 115:14-18 13

Psalm 119:89 6

Psalm 130:5-6 15

Psalm 133:1,3 9

Psalm 145:17-21 24



I Love You, JesusI Want to be in the Promised LandI Want to See YouIn The Twinkling Of An EyeI've Got The New WineJesus Christ is the KingJesus Is AliveLet's Lift Our Hearts to GodListen to the Voice of the LordLord Jesus Christ, To You I Lift Up My SoulLord, I Give You My Spirit.My Soul and My BodyMan of GalileeMiracles, Miracles, I Believe in MiraclesMold My Life, Lord Jesus ChristOh, Praise the Name of JesusPraise the LordPrepare Ye the WaySmile At The FutureThe Promises of GodThere's Always TomorrowTrust In HimWe are God's CreationWe'll Walk With You, Dear LordWhen You Meet Jesus in the AirBe Still & See the Salvation of GodBless Your People 1Blessed Be Your Holy Name (1981)Blessed Be Your Holy Name Lord Jesus Christ (1980)Bring Joy into My Heart, oh, Lord!Center Your Life On r

JesusCome and ShareDon't Be Impatient

Fill Me With Your Joy

Give Us Joy, Joy,Joy,





Lord FatherGlory to the FatherHaving Faith in GodHe Is RisenHoly is the Lamb 1I Feel GoodI Love You Father

This is the Year of Jubilee
To Thee O Lord, I Give the Glory
Walk Along With Jesus
We are Blessed Todaylt Thee
What's Impossible with Man is Possible with God
When is the Time, Lord_
Would You Like to Glorfiy the Name...

Would You Like to Live In Heaven_

Yes, a Miracle Will Happen Today







Yes, I'm Waiting for the Lord
You Are What You









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